Movement 4 all

Movement as Medicine…..The somatic journey can be different for each individual.  The portal to the truth is the wisdom of the body.  Bringing awareness and consciousness through sensation is a tool to increase wellness and optimize health.

The mission of our 501c3 non-profit corporation, Movement 4 all is to connect people with and without disabilities by providing inclusive classes and workshops in yoga, dance and therapeutic movement.  The organization is dedicated to development and education of physically integrated movement for health and wellness.

Adaptive Yoga and Movement 4 All class

This class will focus on the universal principles inherent to yoga and movement, which are accessible for every body. We will incorporate the doorways of yoga poses, breath, sound, movement, and music as a way to open the body, enliven the spirit, and restore connection to the human experience!

Class is open to all people, including those with and without disabilities, people who are recovering from injury or illness, or those who simply want to follow their unique rhythms; regardless of age or fitness level.

No experience necessary. This class can be done in a chair. Caregivers and family members welcome to join class and/or assist your loved one.

Bring a beginners mind ready to explore, sense, and be surprised.

Class is on hold-stay tuned for new classes and locations
Questions? please contact: Larisa Byely at 941-320-8144 or


Offerings available are:

Business-Movement classes for your office.  Increase productivity and creativity by adding a Nia/Conscious Movement class for your employees.
Kid’s movement classes.  Create healthy living practices through breath, movement and meditation.
Events-Need to add some movement to your event? If your participants will be sitting and listening all day, adding some basic stretches and conscious movement can be a added bonus to your clients.