Kathy Oravec believes that movement and music are the medicine needed to create health, wellness, connection and Joy.  Kathy discovered Nia, a mind body spirit practice that changed her life in 2006.  Nia, combines martial arts, dance and healing arts to create a workout that is fun and adaptable to any age or fitness level.  She also facilitates a mindful movement practice, Conscious Movement, where sacred space is created to listen to your inner voice and move from the wisdom of the body.

Kathy Oravec believes that music and movement are the key to connecting to joy, health, wellness and grace.  As a facilitator for  Nia and Conscious Movement, she creates a fun, sacred space for self healing and community connection.  One of her current projects is movement classes at the United Cerebral Palsy, where bringing movement can change people’s lives.   Kathy is a certified DanceAbility teacher and started a 501-3c non profit called Movement 4 all.

DanceAbility is the study of movement improvisation. Studying improvisation provides a way to enter the unknown and to learn how to listen and wait for the body’s instinctive wisdom and intuition to emerge as a guide in making choices. Dancers learn to recognize and follow their desires in moving and relating rather than only following prescribed movements. Each person’s particular movement language is honored and valued. By improvising with each other we can learn to move in new ways, whether beginners or professional dancers, able-bodied or disabled. The goal is to bring people together in all their diversity and seek out common ground to make art that supports community-building.


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