40 Day Dance Challenge

I started the 40 Day Dance Challenge in 2016 as a way to unite and inspire others to move, to dance.  The idea of inspiring movement to people all over the globe is a deep seated passion of mine.  Dancing/movement is a way for each of us to connect to our own spirit, our own emotions, to express to connect to receive…..I feel this is the way we will heal our planet and create more peace and love through movement.  Here is the info for the current January 2017 4o Day Dance Challenge Round 7: Believe

Starting, Sunday January 1st, I invite you to dance everyday for 40 days. It can be for any length of time, any place, just try to shoot for at least 5 or 10 minutes everyday. Last day of dancing is Feb 9th but feel free to continue after that date! Who is up for the challenge?!
Check back for suggested music of the day that will be posted!
Link to the playlist:

Kathy Oravec believes that movement is the medicine we need to create connection and joy. Kathy teaches Nia on the quartz crystal sands of Siesta Key, where mindful movement and dolphins combine to facilitate Joy and health.
She also co-created Conscious Movement Sarasota, a mindful movement practice where the sacred space creates a container for connection to indvidual spirit and to community.
Facebook: Nia on the Beach with Kathy Oravec
Facebook: Conscious Movement Sarasota

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