Conscious Movement

Conscious Movement is a mindful movement practice where you listen to your inner voice and move from the wisdom of your body. There are no steps to learn and no right or wrong movements; simply the chance to move freely to music. Join us as we create a safe, sacred and play-filled space to connect with your emotions and spirit.

Contact Improvisation is a dance form where contact with another provides a springboard for improvisational movement and exploration. The “dance” arises from listening to the encounter between each person and each moment.

As of May 25th, 2017, Conscious Movement is on summer break.  Stay tuned for updates.

10:00AM warmup, 10:30AM opening circle
Adults $15-20/Children under 12 free

As a trance dance facilitator, I am blessed to have met Kathy and be able to dance my soul out at her conscious movement events. She creates the space and playlists that allow me to go within and express creatively in a safe environment, freely, consciously and in total surrender. It gives me a chance to be the dancer for a change and take a break from facilitating.”
Lillie Cintron
Dances of Spirit™

Photos on Page by Lenna Andrews